Have you been receiving spam from spalpeen.com?

No, you haven't. You've been receiving spam from some lowlife scum who's fudged their return address to look like it comes from spalpeen.com. Spalpeen.com never sends out unsolicited email; in fact no email of any kind has been sent from a legitimate spalpeen.com account in quite a long while.

We use the arcane word 'spalpeen' with tongue in cheek to describe our playful and impish nature. This site and name is a placeholder for a planned lighthearted entertainment place, certainly not an outlet for spam trash. We apologize for the behaviour of the degenerate(s) who have sunk so low in life that they've resorted to email harassment and misrepresentation to try to eke out their unjustifiable existence.

We wouldn't blame you if you added spalpeen.com to your spam filter. Hopefully you'll check back with us in the future and we'll be able to report that nonsense such as this has abated.

Thanks for reading,

The management@Spalpeen.com